What rules?!?

This weekend is not a serious competition, BUT! There are some prizes in the end for best teams (psst, this year they are really cool!). There are five categories for scoring.

 Scoring categories

1. Added value 20%
2. Understanding the people / stakeholders 20%
3. The outcome of the project 20%
4. Level of social value. 20%
5. Overall awesomeness! 20%

 Added value (20% of total)
  • What added value does your project have and to whom?
  • Does it solve a problem, does it help someone?
 People  / stakeholders (20% of total)
  • How well did you identify the different stakeholders? People you’re trying to help, possible partners etc?
  • Did you talk to them?
  • Did you test your solution with them?
  • Did you modify your solution according to feedback?
 Project outcome (20% of total)
  • What did you build over the weekend?
  • Is it a paper prototype (great!)
  • Have you programmed something awesome (even better!)
  • Please note your solution does not need to be a website, app or anything to do with computers and mobile phones if it brings added value by other means. 
 Level of social value (20% of total)
  • We recognise that “social value” as a term varies from person to person, but we are taking it quite broadly here.
  • I.e. if your project is about helping a private corporation earn more money it is NOT scoring highly in this category. If your project is about helping grannies cross busy roads you will score higher.
 Awesomeness (20% of total)
  • Very loosely defined scoring category, sorry!
  • If you invent and implement teleportation or something that is simply cool, you’ll score high here.
  • If you work really well as a team, that’s also cool and you should get points here.
 Suggestions on how its done
  • Assign roles in the team: project manager(s), designer(s), programmer(s)
  • Be people centric: talk to the people you’re trying to help. Write down who they are: users, partners etc
  • Build a prototype. You can draw, do arts and crafts (askarrella for us Finns!), anything that people can look at and perhaps play with. Also, hot tip: Pop App is great for prototyping mobile apps rrrreeeally quickly!
  • Pitch: its really important that other people can understand what your project is about, so practice on how to present your work!
 Lastly the coding bit!
  • Yes, its awesome if you manage to code your solution, or parts of it, IF it requires coding or software that is!
  • You can do really well over the weekend with zero coding, if you concentrate on prototyping and other areas.
  • Do not obsess about coding (its only one part of one 20% scoring segment!)
  • Always design, prototype and test your prototype first!