Somejam is open to EVERYONE. Don’t hesitate to join us if you are interested in innovative idea, collaboration for youth work! You can be student, amateur, professionals: programmer, youth worker, graphic artist, musician, social worker, technology enthusiast, social media geek, librarian, API professional, info graphic artist, teacher, developer, twitter professional, innovator, mobile technology expert, html5 expert, gamificator, css magician, photographer, hacker, open source expert, baker, mentor, entrepreneur, or just a bout anything.
We welcome all who want to make the world a better place for young people.



Beginning of Program:
We will start at 16.30 with opening speech. After that we will continue with some practical information regarding Somejam, youth work and service development. During the first hours we will also get to know each other and have time to pitch our own ideas and form working groups. After this begins the actual jamming.



Pitching Rules:

  1. 1. You have 1 minute only
  2. 2. Be concrete
  3. 3. Deliver your core message to the audience
  4. 4. Make them care, make them interested
  5. 5. Pitch structure
  • • What is the need/problem behind your idea?
  • • What is your innovation/solution/idea?
  • • How does new innovation change our lives?
  • *This is provided by Demola.



Groups and blogs: 
Every team is obligated to keep the teams blog updated through the actual jamming period and after the final output of your team has been made.
Every team will find their blog and blog-tool to make entries, under their group page by scrolling down. The blog-tool is easy to use and it allows team members to add text and pictures to their postings. Team leader must add the team members into his/hers group before they can add blog posts.


«A quick tutorial for team leaders on how to add members»

• SomeJam – organizers will make a group for you.

• Group leader should provide his/her email to organizers in order to be an initial member of group.

• Go to your group page: SomeJam -> Menu -> Groups -> “Your group”

• Then click ‘add a member’.

• Now register your fellow team members.

• Do this to all of your team mates and you are good to go!



Coffee, refreshments and light snacks will be served during the whole event! Besides we will provide lunch and evening snacks

• Saturday   12.00 – 13.00  Lunch buffet at the restaurant Rax Buffet near our jamming venue.

18.00 Evening snack

• Sunday     12.00 – 13.00 Lunch buffet at the restaurant Rax Buffet



Basic communication for the event will be in English.



The location for the event is Monitoimitalo 13 in Tampere city center. The address is Satakunnankatu 13 and the entrance is on the Pellavatehtaankatu side. Check this link for the map!



We recommend using public transport over driving as the parking fee near the venue is quite expensive.