Pasi_ava_new Name Pasi Tuominen
Organization Verke
Position Planner
Basic Information Pasi has lots of experience in youth work and child welfare. Now Pasi works in Verke as a planner. His main responsibility is to spread knowledge to youth work professionals around Finland to use video games based digital working methods. He has been involved in many different projects involving gaming or digitalization. Pasi likes online communities and spent most of his free time gaming, growing chilis or having a walk with his dog.
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 Inka_ava Name Inka Kiuru
Organization Tampere City Youth Services
Position Youth Leader (Youth Participation)
Basic Information Inka is youth work professional and has a master degree on media education. Inka works in Tampere youth services and her focus is in youth participation. Inka did her master thesis on multicultural young people’s opportunity to involve to the society through media education. In her free time Inka likes to use media a lot. She enjoys social media, newspapers, music and movies.
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Ohad_1_ava  Name Ohad Shevily
 Organization  New Factory (Tampere-based innovation center and startup incubator)
 Position  Facilitator
 Basic Information  Ohad has passion about technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. He is also Hummus lover and world traveler
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 Yuliya Name Yuliya Nesterenko
Organization New Factory (Tampere-based innovation center and startup incubator)
Position Demola Facilitator & Digital Marketing Expert
Basic Information Yuliya obsesses with social media, enthusiastic facilitator, public speaker and passionates about graphic design. She has already facilitated various student projects as well as startups seeing all sides of innovation work and entrepreneurial spirit. On a free time, she enjoys kicks ass in jujitsu, travels the world and spreads positivity around
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Contact @YulianaNestor
 Tommi Name  Tommi Tuominen
 Organization  Valopi –
Position Web developer and graphic designer
Basic Information Beside web developer and graphic designer, Tommi is a passionate gamer. He is also interested in all technologies
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 sirkku_ava Name Sirkku Kotilainen
Organization University of Tampere
Position Professor
Basic Information Sirkku has experience in youth work and production of learning material online, as well as journalism. Currently Sirkku works as professor in media education. She is teaching master students, supervising doctoral students and, she is involved in several research projects. Sirkku spends her freetime mostly excersing Nordic walking and, when ever it is possible ballroom dancing.
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