Somejam Tampere 2018

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SomeJam in Tampere

Get Together and Create Innovations for Youth Work in One Weekend!

SomeJam is a communal event and it’s open for everyone. The aim of SomeJam is to use the means of digital technology to build up concrete ways enhancing the well-being of youth.

Next SomeJam in Tampere will be held on 13.04.2018 – 14.04.2018

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Angel Dimitrievski, University of Tampere,


Interviewe - Professor Sirkku Kotilainen, Organizer of Somejam Tampere 2018


Sparraamme briljanteista nuorista koostuvaa @SomeJamFi -voittajatiimiä, jolla on kehityskelpoinen idea alle 18-vuot…

Kokeillaan somen voimaa 1. Palkkaako organisaationne alaikäisiä töihin? 2. Kuinka paljon olisit valmis maksamaan yh…

Interview - Hung Ly, participant of Somejam Tampere 2016


SOMEJAM2018 Tampere: Create Innovations with Young People!