Name Pasi Tuominen
Organization Verke
Position Planning officer
Basic Information Working nationally with digitalization of youth work in Finland. Special expertise in digital games. Big personal interest in everything concerning sci-fi and technology.
I’m a computer and game enthusiast. I like to build custom computers on my free time.
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Name Kati Ruotsalainen
Organization City of Tampere, the Department of Youth
Position Coordinator of Communications
Basic Information I work as a Coordinator of Communications and Media for the City of Tampere and the Department of Youth. My work involves planning and executing communicational strategies aim to support youth participation in Tampere. I love French Bulldogs, high-heels and salmiakki. I am wanna be urban farmer and a proud owner of a small allotment cottage in Litukka.
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Name Yuliya Nesterenko
Organization New Factory (Tampere-based innovation center and startup incubator)
Position Media and Communications Manager
Basic information Yuliya Nesterenko is a Media and Communications Manager at New Factory. New Factory is a Tampere-based Startup Accelerator. Yuliya has facilitated over 40 innovation projects, created and managed several EU projects with international consortium partners, organized and hosted over 50 events. She is exploring and experimenting with lean thinking, creative problem-solving and innovative ideation through communications and project management work. Yuliya strongly stands by the principles of diversity, openness and resilience.
Yuliya is a polished poet, she believes in sisu and she is passionate about public speaking, martials arts and transforming Tampere to the internationally-driven arena.
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Name Pia Niemelä
Organization Tampere University of Technology
Position Doctoral student
Basic Information Lives in an eco-village
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Name Sirkku Kotilainen
Organization University of Tampere
Position Professor
Basic Information In my work the focus is in teaching and research. Teaching is in English and mostly to master students together with international exchange students on media literacies and media education. Research is about youth, media and IT, especially the user’s perspective and education.
In free time I am keen on learning new as well. Just now I am updating my skills in sewing and knitting.
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Name Sarianne Nuutti
Organization Alma Mediapartners Oy
Position Marketing Manager
Basic Information Sarianne has experience of marketing, sales and exports. She currently works as Marketing Manager on Finland’s leading online real estate marketplace,, taking care of brand management, marketing communication and social media community management. Mother of two savvy and sassy young women (and one happy Welsh terrier), and an eternal fan of nature and horseback riding.
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Name Anu Ala-Korpela
Organization Aamulehti newspaper
Position Journalist. Writer. Storyteller
Basic Information I work in Aamulehti newspaper as a journalist and as an in house culture critic.
I am a passionate dancer and traveller and a Cuba-enthusiast.
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