Hung Ly is studying in Norssi school. He participated in Somejam Tampere 2016. Let’s see what does he feel to join in Somejam event as a youngster!

Why did you participate in Somejam Tampere 2016 event?

2016 is a year for me that I wanted to discover what do I like. In that year, I started my “start-up”. It was a start-up company that wanted to combine employers and those who want to find a job. That was my idea but it went bad, so I wanted to learn more about start-ups. That’s why I applied for Somejam 2016.

How was the event?

The event was quite amazing. There were many people from all around the world. It was nice to see them in a as small city as Tampere. You see a lot of people and students around this city. It was fun! The event was long, we worked late sometimes in those weekends. It was different and fun. We created the app idea, but the most important part is that you meet new people.

What would you like to say to other youngsters about youth event?

You should go and feel it. You will learn new skills and get school credits from the weekends. The skills like team skills and English skill are very important these days. It is different to speak English in classroom than speaking to other people. It doesn’t matter if you win or not. You should just participate and do your best. It will be very rewarding!


Welcome to Somejam Tampere 2018!