In March, we interviewed Sirkku kotilainen, professor in media education at University of Tampere. We asked her three questions related to Somejam events. Here are her responses.

Why youth activities are important for youngsters?
This kind of, like Somejam, as a learning process for youngsters is, what we believed, a kind of altitude that they can try, and it is about an entrepreneurship someway. And we link the technological thinking, which is a kind of a activity together with learning skills in develop some ideas related to apps or technology, but youngsters don’t need to any skills in coding, because teams, the multi-talented teams, in those somebody will know this as well. So, the importance comes with them, communicating with all kinds of people, especially transcultural perspectives in these transcultural teams. Communicating and learning from different ages groups, because they are youngsters and young adults, perhaps some are middle-age persons coming from work. So, this kind of learning process integrates several things to learn, and objectives, you can see what kind of objectives linked to this. But related to media education or media literacy, this has as well a critical perspective point. When you do something hands on, create or produce something for yourself, and you learn to how this idea being proceeded and developed, you become creative and critical. I mean you can even evaluate that kind of technological artifacts.

What outcomes that youngsters can get from Somejam?
These outcomes are multiple. If we start from ECTs or course credits. But it is more, this kind of intensive workshop can produce for them. Related to previous study, for example, where this kind of workshop has been used, the young people can get some braveness, and brave altitudes to overcome whatever challenges in future in their life. It is the best way if youngsters who come to Somejam can produce themselves some media materials, so they can learn some skills. What’s more, more than skills, it will be the altitudes for trying thing, and as well as a team works. It is very important if we are thinking about our work life, you have to manage it in a team, more and more in a transcultural team. So, learning something about team work, learning some skills producing media, and as well a kind of altitude about braveness, being brave to speak loudly, to produce, to try on in future.

What do you expect from Somejam Tampere 2018?
I expect fun. We all having fun and I expect as well for all of my students, all participants, all new connections to other people. Mainly, I think you never know if there will be start ups for your ideas, even there are some companies to new solutions or social improvements, or even changing your minds somehow.


Welcome to Somejam Tampere 2018!